November 25th
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AU Meme: Rapunzel meets Jack for the very first time.

↳ Jack had watched over Rapunzel since the day he witnessed Mother Gothel steal the princess away from her castle. He didn’t even mean to be there; he just wanted to see what the commotion was about the baby. He felt powerless as he watched her carry Rapunzel to the tower, as he could make no effort to help. For years, he came to visit her, with guilt heavy in his heart, the little princess with the beautiful, ever-growing hair. When days became too boring, he would bring the snow a little earlier for her to admire. When Mother Gothel was gone for too long, and her stomach growled (to which she never complained) he always made sure he left behind treats that he stole from the Easter Bunny. For Christmas and birthdays, he always left her something under her bed, a little something to make up for the lanterns she never got to see up close. Soon, he saw the little girl had grown up to become a beautiful woman, almost eighteen. He realized he smiled when she did, laughed when she did, cried when she did. He ended up spending days at a time with her in the tower, helping her any way he could, just keeping her company. It never bothered him before how she couldn’t see him. He was used to it. But year after year as he attempted to cheer her up, he was tired. He wanted her to smile at him. One night, after letting the cool wind put her to sleep, he went to the window that she always longingly gazed out of. The moon was full and bright. “Just this once,” he pleaded. “Just this once.”`

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